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Looking for a new dental home in Calgary NE?

Posted March 8, 2018 / Blog
Clark Crawford, DDS

Good News! Kids Are Seeing the Dentist More Than They Used To

Data that was recently released by the ADA Health Policy Institute shows that more children are regularly visiting the dentist. This is good news as dental caries, or cavities, continue to be the number one chronic childhood disease. Surprisingly, cavities are even more prevalent than asthma or childhood obesity. With a rise in dental insurance coverage […]

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Posted February 23, 2018 / Blog
Clark Crawford, DDS

Everything You Need to Know About a Dental Bridge

Your tooth is failing, but you’ve avoided extracting it. However, it’s begun to cause you pain and from the looks of it, it may even come out on its own. You’ve heard about a dental bridge, but you are unsure if this is the right option for your needs. Here’s what you should know about dental […]

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Posted February 18, 2018 / Blog
Clark Crawford, DDS

Don’t Let Bad Breath Control Your Life. How We Can Solve This Problem

Bad breath – it can be really embarrassing to talk about, and it’s even worse if it’s your own! Typically, bad breath can be successfully managed with a few improvements to your brushing routine and maybe an antibacterial mouth rinse. However, if your bad breath is chronic and won’t go away, it may be time […]

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Posted December 28, 2017 / Blog
Clark Crawford, DDS

Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants in Just 3 Steps

You are ready to restore your compromised tooth. You are tired of eating soups and soft foods because chewing is difficult, and you are tired of hiding your smile when you meet someone new. You’ve heard about dental implants, but you aren’t sure if they are right for you. Here is how you can complete dental […]

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Posted November 29, 2017 / Blog
Clark Crawford, DDS

Live in Calgary? How to Find a Dentist for Your Family

Finding a Calgary, Alberta dentist for your needs can be challenging, especially when you have a family to think about. It’s much more convenient when families can see the same provider, yet you want a dentist with whom your family will feel comfortable building a relationship. Here are a few tips for choosing the right […]

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Posted November 15, 2017 / Blog
Clark Crawford, DDS

It Might Be Time to Replace Your Toothbrush

Are you storing your toothbrush correctly? This is probably something you don’t think about very often; however, did you know that where and how you store your toothbrush can affect how much bacteria it has? This is important to your overall health and well being! Here are some tips from your Calgary, Alberta, dentist on […]

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Looking for a new dental home in Calgary NE?

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