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New hope for your smile

No matter how conscientious we are about caring for our teeth, most of us will face tooth repair at some point in our lives. If your tooth becomes injured, fractured, or decayed beyond what a filling can repair, Dr. Crawford and Dr. Reddy will recommend that you get a dental inlay, onlay, or a crown to restore both function and beauty to your smile. If you’re missing a tooth (or teeth), we can provide dental bridges and complete dental implant treatment in-house.

We can help bring your smile back to life.

Tooth-coloured fillings

Dental restorative techniques, materials, and technology have come a long way in recent years. Metal amalgam used to be the “gold standard” material for filling cavities, but today we have a safer, more durable, and more natural-looking solution.

Tooth-coloured resin is completely non-toxic and BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about trace mercury content. Tooth-coloured resin withstands temperature changes more easily and has the capacity to be precisely colour-matched to blend in with your natural smile.

Your allies in the fight against decay

If you’re prone to tooth decay, we don’t just want to fill your cavities and send you on your way. We want to help you prevent decay before it starts, so we can equip you with some prescription-strength products to balance your oral pH and create a healthier environment in the mouth.

Inlays & onlays

If you have an area of decay that’s too large to fill with a simple filling, but not large enough to warrant a full crown, inlays and onlays can be a great intermediate restorative solution. Inlays and onlays can also be used to bring teeth back to health after removal of an old amalgam filling.

Inlays and onlays are a more conservative treatment method than a crown because they don’t require the removal of healthy tooth structure. We want to keep your natural teeth around as long as possible, so if we can avoid a crown, an inlay or an onlay might be just the ticket!

What’s the difference?

Inlays are smaller than onlays and repair damage contained within the cusp or outer tooth ridges. Onlays are larger and may reach beyond the cusp.

Inlays/Onlays Illustration

Dental crowns

A crown is designed to replace your whole tooth while protecting your natural root structure. It fits over your remaining tooth like a cap and allows the functions of a natural tooth, such as eating, smiling, talking, and chewing.

Completing a dental crown typically takes about two weeks. You’ll come to our office to have your tooth prepared by Dr. Crawford or Dr. Reddy, and you’ll leave wearing a temporary crown. We’ll send our specifications for your new restoration to the dental laboratory that will fabricate your crown from durable porcelain, and when it’s done, you’ll return to Calgary Dental House to have it placed.

Benefits of dental crowns

You’ll also be able to brush and floss normally, which means that your new crown is easy to care for. In fact, with the right home care and regular check-ups, it has the potential to last for several years.

  • Stop decay & further damage
  • Protect your natural tooth roots
  • Colour-matched to blend in easily
  • Enjoy your favorite foods again
  • Maintain your simple hygiene routine
  • Can last years with proper care
  • Fabricated by our trusted laboratory
  • Smile with confidence again!

Do you need a dental crown?

Contact your Calgary NE dentists, Dr. Crawford or Dr. Reddy, at Calgary Dental House today to schedule a consultation!

Dental bridges

Patients who are missing one or more adjacent teeth may find a dental bridge to be an ideal solution. Using dental crowns as anchors on your healthy teeth, a bridge attaches lifelike prosthetic teeth to the anchors to fill in the space left by your missing teeth.

Dental implants are also options to be anchors for your bridge. They provide an even more stable and secure fit while also protecting the health of your jawbone, which offers more longevity for your bridge.

Benefits of dental bridges

Bridges help fill the gap in your smile, prevent surrounding teeth from shifting, and allow you to enjoy your favorite foods again. Keeping your anchor teeth clean and healthy will help prolong the life of your bridge.

Dental Bridges Illustration

Mercury filling removal

Metal amalgam fillings have been used for many years to repair teeth damaged by decay, but in most cases, they are no longer considered ideal. Today, we use strong tooth-coloured composite resin to perform the same task.

If you’re at all concerned about mercury toxicity from metal fillings and would like them removed, we would be happy to help. Calgary Dental House takes all necessary precautions to ensure your safety during metal filling removal. Any filling that is fractured or leaking should be replaced, regardless of its construction–but please note that the removal of mercury fillings for purely cosmetic reasons does result in some loss of the natural tooth structure. If you have any questions about this process, Dr. Crawford and Dr. Reddy would be glad to discuss them with you.

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