Dental Implants

The permanent tooth replacement solution

A missing or failing tooth impacts your life in a number of ways. You might find it difficult to chew and enjoy the foods you once loved. It can also feel embarrassing talking and smiling in front of other people. It can also cause a cascade of oral health consequences, so it’s a good idea to replace your tooth as soon as you can, and a dental implant may be the right solution for you. At Calgary Dental House, we’re proud to offer comprehensive implant dentistry, making it convenient for our patients to complete their treatment in the comfort of our office with the team they trust.

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What are dental implants?

A dental implant is the gold standard for tooth replacement because it restores both your root and your tooth. Dr. Crawford will place a titanium post into your jawbone during surgery. The implant naturally integrates with your bone over time because titanium is biocompatible. This creates an excellent foundation for your new tooth while also keeping the bone in your jaw healthy and stimulated.

Your new tooth is a porcelain crown that our doctors will customize to match your teeth and compliment your smile. An implant crown imitates your natural tooth so you will enjoy the function you once had. Soon, you’ll be chewing, talking, and smiling with confidence again.

Consequences of missing teeth

Did you know that your missing tooth is also impacting your oral health? Without a tooth root to support and interact with, the jawbone can deteriorate, while your remaining teeth will shift into the open space. This leads to bite misalignment, possible fractures, and loss of bone. Eventually, all of these problems will lead to more tooth loss and a sunken facial appearance.

Dental Implants Illustration

Am I a candidate for implants?

We’ll determine whether implants are right for your needs with a thorough evaluation and x-rays. We use 3D imaging to determine if you have enough bone to support the implant. If you don’t, you might be a candidate for bone grafting, which allows Dr. Crawford to rebuild weakened bone.

Our goal is to make implants accessible to as many patients as possible, and Dr. Crawford’s training allows us to help patients who may have been told in the past that implants were not an option. Dental implants can also be used to support dental prosthetics such as a bridge or denture, which helps patients missing multiple teeth regain their function, smile, and confidence again.

Implant requirements

Dental implants do require two things to be successful:

  • The patient has enough healthy jawbone to support the implant.
  • The patient is in good overall health.

Invest in your health & your future with dental implants.

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