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Why do I need x-rays?

X-ray of mouth | Dentist Calgary ABX-rays are an important diagnostic tool that assists us in properly assessing your oral health. We typically update them once a year unless you’re having an isolated issue we need to address.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

They help us detect certain problems, such as tooth decay before they become visible in your mouth, which often allows us to offer you a less invasive treatment option. Our doctors also use them to help determine the normal growth and development of kids so we can make parents aware of issues such as missing adult teeth very early on.

X-rays can help us detect serious conditions that don't present with intra-oral symptoms or with a regular examination, such as cysts or growths that may indicate oral cancer. Many of these issues are more effectively treated with success when they’re detected in their earliest stages.

Some patients worry about the radiation they receive from an x-ray, and we want to assure you that at Calgary Dental House we use digital x-rays, which emit 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays. They also allow our doctors access to the image immediately, which means we can discuss your needs right away. Digital x-rays offer a clearer image that results in even better treatment diagnosis.