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Why do baby teeth need fillings if they are going to fall out eventually?

Two young boys sitting on bed reading book | Dentist Calgary ABThis is a question we often hear from parents!

We like to take the time to educate parents about their child’s oral health because baby teeth are actually very important and have a number of jobs to do.

Importance of Baby Teeth

First, they help your child learn to speak and navigate solid foods. Next, they hold space for and guide incoming adult teeth into place when the time comes.

Parents should begin to brush baby teeth as soon as they arrive, and we like to see children for their first dental visits around their first birthday. Early dental care not only helps your child acclimate to our office and the instruments we use, but it also allows us to begin to monitor their oral development and make you aware of any concerns early on.

Children's Dentistry

At Calgary Dental House, we take your child’s oral health very seriously, and we offer additional services for children to help build and protect small teeth. Fluoride treatments help to strengthen their teeth, while dental sealants protect them from tooth decay. If your child should have the need for a dental crown to restore a baby tooth, we offer tooth-coloured Nu Smile pediatric crowns that are less noticeable and won’t negatively affect your child’s developing confidence.