General Dentistry in Calgary, AB

General Dentistry Calgary AB At Calgary Dental House, you’ll find a wide range of services for both children and adults delivered in a comfortable and patient-friendly setting. Dr. Clark Crawford and Dr. Nikla Reddy are proud to offer high-quality dentistry to the surrounding communities of Alberta – and we look forward to building a relationship with you and your family.

Family Preventative Care

We believe that a focus on prevention helps you to avoid many dental issues, and for this reason, we recommend that most patients see us every six months for routine cleaning and check-up appointments. This helps us to monitor your oral health and make you aware of necessary treatment as early as possible, which ensures that you receive the least invasive procedures. We also take the time to remove the excess plaque build-up that can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

We like to begin seeing children at the age of one-year-old in order to start building a positive relationship with them and monitor their oral health. We believe that this early time spent acclimating your child to the dentist will result in successful future visits.

Periodontal Care

Patients who struggle with their periodontal health may benefit from additional cleanings throughout the year. If you suffer from periodontal (gum) disease, these additional visits will help you effectively control your condition.

Our hygiene team is well equipped to help patients deal with gum disease, whether they’re experiencing gingivitis (the early stage) or periodontitis, which is the advanced stage of gum disease.

With a lot of information emerging about the link between periodontal disease and other health concerns in the body such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke, we feel that there’s never been a better time for you to take charge of your oral health, and we’re here to help you do that.

Restorative Care

Our goal is to meet your family’s dental needs under one roof here at Calgary Dental House, so you’ll find comprehensive restorative services such as dental fillings, crowns, and implant dentistry. If you’re living with a missing or failing tooth, Dr. Crawford can guide you through the replacement process starting from the extraction all the way through implant surgery and restoration.Calgary AB General Dentistry

Patients looking to enhance their appearance will benefit from our cosmetic services, which include Invisalign, porcelain crowns and veneers, and Botox. We’d love to discuss your goals and desires for your smile and appearance with you during a cosmetic consultation.

We know you’re going to appreciate the personalised attention you receive when you choose the team at Calgary Dental House for your care, and we look forward to welcoming your family into ours. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.